How to Find Hidden SMS on Android?

Depending on which type of phone you use, text messaging may be fun and easy to use or a pain in the neck. Whether you use text messages for fun, connect with important family members or business. Why is it sometimes fun and sometimes painful?

If we want to connect with someone and we are interested in hearing from them, of course the entire text messaging is fun and easy. We tend to forget the pain of texting when we are VERY interested in texting with that important or special individual. When we are in a specific text messaging group, of course we love every text message because we enjoy it. But why is text messaging in general sometimes painful and sometimes fun?

Two reasons text messaging can be annoying. 1) We are busy and a text message pops up in a bad time, especially when the message is of less importance than what we are doing. 2) When we get a text message we have this feeling of obligation to reply to it but it takes time to reply and type up a message.

There are other reasons we sometimes do not want to reply to a message. Like, we badly want to make sure not to get more messages from that person right away and we would rather reply later to make sure the next message we receive is at a later time when we are not so busy. Or, we do not want the other person to know we got the message or perhaps we want to think about it and reply later. how to find hidden text messages on phone

Some people actually change to a PDA phone to make text messaging easier because they feel it is easier to type with a full keyboard. Then again, some people sneak out of typing a proper message by typing abbreviation words.

There are two features that can help you with text messaging, save you from a lot of trouble and make text messaging fun and easy to use.


  1. The WORD feature (in some phones it is called T9). Almost all non PDA phones (if not all) come with this feature and you can find it in the setup of text messaging. When this feature is disabled and you want to type a word like FEATURE, you will end up pushing 14 keys to type just 7 letters. When this feature is enabled, you will type only 7 letters similar to a regular keyboard. This feature is built into the phone and it understands that you are typing a WORD instead of LETTERS so it takes the combination of letters you typed and combines it into a word. If you did not know this feature exists, I suggest you try it. This will help you type a text message in much less time, enjoy text messaging because it will be a snap for you to reply to a text message, let you type out real words instead of abbreviations and make you look more professional.
  2. The SEND LATER feature. This feature lets you type out a text message and select a specific time (a later date and time) when your message will be delivered. When you do not want someone to get your reply right away but you do not want to forget to reply, this feature is awesome. However, most phones do NOT have this feature. I have seen this feature only in some Motorola phones and some Samsung phones. I found this feature so useful that I actually make sure when I get a new phone that the feature is available.

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