Best Features Of The F19 Pro Smartphone


If you are looking for a smartphone which can satisfy all your communication needs, then the F19 Pro from Oppo is perfect for you. This Oppo smartphone offers great features along with the maximum capacity to transfer files. It offers two gigabytes of RAM which will enable you to run multiple applications at the same time. The phone also has a very large 2.5D capacitive virtual keyboard which makes it very easy to use. The other features include a 16 mega-apixel camera with infrared and dual zoom imaging features.

One of the main advantages of the Oppo F19 Pro over other mid-budget smartphones is its advanced dual imaging technology. The F 19 Pro has a dual camera sensor which allows you to take both images at the same time. This enables you to capture a group portrait as well as a landscape photo or any other type of shot depending on your requirement. The F 19 Pro uses the impressively rapid launch system for the Smartphones. It charges quickly through USB cable as compared to the Smartphones which use the regular USB ports to charge. F19 Pro

The Oppo F19 Pro comes with a stylish metallic body which has a beige color. It has a soft power key which allows you to turn it on and off easily. The phone is very light weight with a weight of only 170 grams which is really light. The entire body is made of capacitive material which ensures that no scratch is noticeable. The fingerprint reader also helps in opening the phone with a single touch. Apart from this, the phone offers a large memory card which stores plenty of data such as songs, videos and documents.

Apart from the above, the Oppo F19 Pro comes with two modes – one called eking and the second one named turbo. In the eking mode, the Android system makes best use of the background colors to make the smartphone look bright and colorful. In the turbo mode, you get a colorful body along with a high resolution screen, which is better than the screens of the smartphones which have grey finish. This is the most preferred mode for the Android devices which come with Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich. The connectivity options of the smartphone are GSM (operating systems like CDMA and TDMA), WLL (coming soon) and UMTS.

One of the amazing features of the F19 Pro smartphone is its ability to record ai color portrait video. The video quality is amazing and the clarity of the video is also very good. You can use the feature in the night mode which enables the user to record a video in low light condition. The battery life of the smartphone is pretty long and this feature gives you ample amount of power to complete your tasks during the day.

The F 19 Pro comes with a huge storage space. It offers you more than 2GB of free space so that you can save all your important pictures and videos. With a large memory, you can also download plenty of apps which do not require much memory. It does not matter whether you are using the camera or the keyboard, the F 19 Pro has an excellent camera presence, which makes it a perfect device for the purpose of taking a professional looking photos and videos.

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